About Us

About Us

Love Asian toys, ball jointed dolls, and kawaii little miniatures?? Sakura's Blossoms is a new online and convention based shop that will sell you all that. We have Pullip, Dal, Taeyang, Byule, and Isul dolls, wigs, doll bags and accessories, handmade items, Re-ment, gashapon, and other figures.
Welcome to Sakura's Blossoms.

In 2013 I started up a collectables shop that travels to conventions in Midwestern United States. I quit my full time position at a local pharmaceutics company to not only run the shop, but to spend more time with my kids. I love my children and found I spent most of my time at work and very little with my family. .

Sakura's Blossoms started as an Etsy store in 2008 when I started making hair accessories. In Japan, Geisha wear elaborate hair pieces with hand folded flowers called "Tsunami Kanzashi." Since the first time I was introduced these, I couldn't stop making them! I had to do something with all these cute little flowers!  They remind me of the blossoms on a Sakura Cherry Tree and, therefore, influenced the name my shop.

Sakura's Blossoms offers you quality products at affordable prices. All items are "In Stock" unless it's marked Pre-Order and we ship your orders quickly. We will work well with you on any issue and are always open to suggestions.

If there are any items/brands you are looking for and are not listed on my site please contact me via e-mail at info@sakurasblossoms.com.


Happy Shopping and Thanks for Visiting!